Flatmates 3.0

Flatmates 3.0


With Flatmates 3.0 being a 30-second film, it can only be described as thus: a conversation (or lack thereof?) between three guys who share an apartment.

However, as quick as this micro-short film is, it is actually a brilliant little film showing just how people really communicate with each other nowadays. Deserving of a laugh and a slow clap.

(This one is available with English subs on both YouTube and Vimeo. Looking for another micro-short film about (mis)communication? Or how about this film about a couple who refuse to talk to each other?)


Flatmates 3.0, on Youtube


Flatmates 3.0, on Vimeo


Directed by Francesco Marisei



Flatmates 3.0 is a Spanish-language short film about a quick conversation between 3 men living together in a flat. With English subtitles.


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