Mi Amigo Jaime (My Friend Jaime)

Mi Amigo Jaime
Mi Amigo Jaime (My Friend Jaime, in English) is a short film about a young man and his friend Jaime. It starts off innocently enough, with a boy simply indulging in a secret crush. Things tend to get complicated mostly because of the emotions of a teenager in love, and the fear of ruining a good friendship. So basically, amidst pool laps and beach waves, this film depicts just how it feels like when you fall in love with your best friend.

This one is actually rather sweet. The feelings seem very innocent, and this makes the film simpler and sweeter. Also, so much bromance.

(This is available on both Vimeo and YouTube, plus with English subs on both. Here’s another film about a teenage girl crushing on another girlThis other film is also about falling in love with a best friend, only with a female perspective.)


Mi Amigo Jaime, on Vimeo


Mi Amigo Jaime, on Youtube


Directed by Alejandro Beltrán



Mi Amigo Jaime is a Spanish short film about a teen boy falling in love with his friend Jaime. With English subtitles.


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