Yo También Te Quiero (I Like You Too)

Yo También Te Quiero


Yo También Te Quiero (I Like You Too, in English) features a guy talking about how he waits for his friend to be his girlfriend. He’s always there for her, he’s always helping her… but he’s never really in a romantic relationship with her. The pains of being in this friendzone is given glorious detail, and is peppered only by a building frustration- and topped off with a dog.

Told in bittersweet monologue, this short film captures the hurt and joy of being very close to the one you love while not actually, well, being with the one you love. It’s kinda sad to watch the guy suffer through all his pain, but maybe he’ll find happiness someday? Hah, maybe.

(This is available in up to 360p quality on YouTube, with and without English subtitles. Here’s another short film about a guy in love with his female best friend. And here’s a short film/documentary about lesbians falling for their lady friends.)


Yo También Te Quiero, on Youtube (no subtitles)


Yo También Te Quiero, on Youtube (English subtitles)


Directed by Jack Zagha Kababie


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