Frikis (Nerds)



Frikis (Nerds, in English) is about a guy who plays video games and a girl who watches Disney movies. With the film set in the backdrop of a talk show, the two relate their love story. It sounds like a typical relationship, wherein two people meet randomly, fall in love, and get into petty arguments. Just how will they fare? Are they meant to be together for a long, long time? Who wants to hear about Battletoads or Street Fighter facts anyway?

This film is full of video game love, especially since this movie is told with animation, chiptune music, and plenty of geeky references. Nerdiness aside, this actually shows some realistic sides of relationships – from joint shopping to sex to left-behind friends. It also reminds us that maybe we do need to carry our phones with us at all times.

(This is is available on YouTube with English subtitles. Maybe you’d also be interested in this short film about a video game guy thinking about time travel. Or what about this short film of a love story involving a geeky comic book artist?)


Frikis, on YouTube


Directed by Jorge Romeo

Director’s website


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