Inspiración (Inspiration)



Inspiración (Inspiration, in English) is about a writer working on his next book. He can’t quite get over his writer’s block, so he accepts the offer of his prostitute friend to get some inspiration for his work. The author thus meets a seemingly shady man, who promises to help him out. He’ll find out what he has to do for “inspiration”, but is it actually worth the cost he paid?

This is definitely a curious tale, with a tinge of mystery in the mix. A little rough on the edges, but it’s pretty good, considering that the movie was made with a smartphone camera. I myself wouldn’t know how far I’d go in order to get over my own writer’s block… But then again, how far would you (not) go?

(This is available on Vimeo and YouTube, with English subtitles you can turn off. Here’s another noir film with a classy femme fatale. And speaking of smartphone, here’s a film about a priest making an exorcism via phone.)


Inspiración, on Vimeo


Inspiración, on Youtube


Directed by Antonio Clemente


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