Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly


Creepy Crawly features a mystery about a certain creature that seems to be terrorizing a town. One day, some guys seem to have found one of the deadly things. However, one man gets attacked by it, and they rush the sick man indoors. Suddenly, the attacker is nowhere to be found.

This film is simple, but the use of perspectives and darkness lend an eerie feel to the film. Amidst guys with guns and deaths abound, this movie might just give you another reason to be frightened of creepy crawlies. Oh, and don’t look back.

By the way, notably, there’s also a version of this film with an English-speaking cast.

Have you ever been fearful of creepy crawlies? I definitely had my own share of stories about such creatures, especially with the ubiquitous body spiders.

(This is available on Vimeo and YouTube with English subtitles. Click here for a drama film featuring a creepy crawly. Click here for a film about being stuck in a room with an annoying insect.)

Creepy Crawly, on Vimeo


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