Burbuja (Bubble)



This short film is about a girl who is readying herself for a driver’s exam, while enjoying some intimate time with her man between preparation sessions. It also involves plenty of canned (or bottled) beverages… And to what purpose it is used is something the Internet apparently knows much about.

Fun, silly short film overall. I quite appreciated its grittiness and realistic simplicity. Oh, and ladies: please don’t try this at home. (By the way, Burbuja is definitely NSFW, thanks to the sexual content.)

(For your viewing pleasure, this one has English subtitles. Interested in more sexy films? Or maybe you’d just want to see old people talk about “new positions”?)


Burbuja, on Vimeo

Directed by Pedro CasablancGabriel Olivares

Facebook page | Producer’s website


Burbuja is a Spanish-language short film about a girl who uses bubbly drinks after she has sex with her guy. With English subtitles.


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