F4M1L14 (F4M1LY)



F4M1L14 (F4M1LY, in English) is an award-winning short film about a scientist who seems to have discovered something important and potentially life-changing for the human race. Of course, at the back of his mind, he believes that he is working hard because of its possible benefit to his family, but the course of events may just change everything – affecting even those he holds dearly.

The plot is told in glimpses and flashbacks, which helped to keep me very interested and intrigued until the very end of the film. It actually presents a simple enough premise, but it did a good job on cinematography and storytelling. Overall, great film with plenty of thrills.

(This one’s available on both Vimeo and YouTube in HD, plus English subtitles. Maybe you’d also be interested in this other film about another dad struggling to keep his family afloat? Or what about this sci fi silent flick about a cyborg in a post-apocalyptic world?)


F4M1L14, on Vimeo


F4M1L14, on YouTube

Directed by Joaquín Sánchez Baillo

Director’s website



F4M1L14 is a Spanish-language short film about a new source of energy, a scientist, and a family. With English subtitles.


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