La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso

La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso
La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso starts off with a pair of friends hunting deer in a forest. It seems like an ordinary excursion, until one of them ends up stepping on a possibly deadly mine. The two will try to remain calm (maybe it’s an old, nonfunctional mine?), but maybe a secret or two may also spill out between the two men.

This short film is pretty funny. It starts off silly, and ends up quite outrageous. Besides being careful about the friends you keep, remember also to look very carefully where you step, and do check exactly what area you’re entering.

(English subtitles are available for this film, which is viewable on both Vimeo and YouTube. Perhaps you’ll also be interested in this other film about scouts forming a friendship in a forest? Or perhaps you’d rather look at vivid landscapes and more architectural beauty with this film?)


La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso, on Vimeo


La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso, on YouTube


Directed by Javier Ruiz de Arcaute

Director’s website



La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso is a Spanish-language short film about two friends who end up stepping on mines in a forest. With English subtitles.


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