La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris

La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris


La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris is a story about a woman traveling to the prison at Ocaña. It’s a long journey, and she brought nothing but a grey bundle with her; she does not even have anything to eat. She trudges on, meeting person after person, and only the thought of her husband keeps her going on. Oh, and that a prisoner will be released tomorrow.

Besides winning some awards in a number of film festivals, this film was also nominated for a Goya.

This is a touching film about a lady’s perseverance and determination. It’s sad, because the reality of the scenario is honestly frustrating. However, it’s also beautiful, with its pains and its great cinematography. There is no heavy dialogue to lend drama to this film, when simple words and movements are all that are needed to portray a sad heart. Beautiful short.

(This is available with English subtitles over at Vimeo. Here’s another film featuring a girl traveling through the countryside. Or how about this film about a man embroiled in a historical rebellion?)


 La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris, on Vimeo


Directed by Luis Trapiello


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