Stand By

Stand By


Stand By starts at Christmastime. It was supposed to be a simple car ride with his daughter in the backseat and his wife following behind them, but something went wrong. He tries to move on from what happened, but weird incidents with the radio are keeping him tense. What actually happened that night? What happened to his daughter? Will we ever know for sure?

This short film presents a number of scenarios, but it’s not too clear which one is real. I applaud the story-telling for this one, since it gave me more than one take to a supposedly simple story. I’m not too sure if I will understand how things went that night, but either way, I know it’s very, very tragic. Also, great acting here. Plus this one did quite make me think.

(This is available on both Vimeo and YouTube with English subtitles, with slighter better quality over at Vimeo. Here’s another short film about a death-involving, thought-provoking scenario. Or what about a comedic film about a lady looking for Death?)


Stand By, on YouTube


Stand By, on Vimeo


 Directed by Hugo Stuven

Director’s website


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