Máxima Pena (Maximum Penalty)

Máxima Pena


Máxima Pena (Maximum Penalty, in English) starts off with a soccer team playing at the regionals. It seems like a typical match, especially with the fútbol coach amping up his team for a good game. However,  for some reason, the coach will be asked to pay attention to his family, especially on a day like today.

The progression of visitors, the handling of players, and the continuous play all help to keep the film steadily flowing. The storytelling is simple enough, but it is really quite amusing. I guess it’s really quite hard to leave the team without guidance for a big game, but, well, the family is waiting.

(This is available with and without English subtitles. In the mood for more funny flicks? Click here for more.)

Máxima Pena, on Dailymotion (no subtitles)


Máxima Pena may also be viewed with no subtitles on Vimeo.


Máxima Pena, on YouTube (English subtitles)


Directed by Juanjo Giménez

Director’s website



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