Waterland is a short documentary about a blue planet with plenty of water. There’s land, animals, and a relationship between them. By showing a coexistence between creatures, this film reminds viewers of how beautiful this land of water is, and how precious.

This is a micro-short film that features a number of animals and lovely scenery. It also has a backdrop of remembering how important the world is to us, and how we should protect it. Overall, it’s quite a documentary that reminds us to conserve the Earth.

(This is available with or without English subtitles on RTVE.es and YouTube. Here’s another documentary about people striving to be better. And here’s an animated film about being greedy with resources.)

Waterland, on RTVE.es (no subtitles)


Waterland, on YouTube (English subtitles)


Directed  by Antonio Sanchez Galey


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