Tenemos Que Hablar (We Have To Talk)

Tenemos Que Hablar


Tenemos Que Hablar (English: We Have To Talk) starts off with a seemingly happy couple. The woman seems especially blooming, thanks perhaps to the fact that she’s pregnant. As the two come home from some classes, they meet a stranger who threatens to disrupt their peaceful lives.

This film is a little sad. While it has the beauty and promise of a newborn child, it also has the fears and jitters of people who are about to get more responsibilities in life. It also shows the usual real concerns new parents would feel towards their son or daughter, while remaining a bit elusive thanks to a probable science fiction element. Whether or not he did the right thing in the end may be questionable, but either way, it may just change the future.

Have you ever felt worried about having a child with your partner? I can imagine the weight of responsibility that a lot of new parents are afraid of, but many say that, in the end, it’s all worth it. Is it really?

(Tenemos Que Hablar is available on YouTube with English subtitles. Click here for another short film about a woman who is repeatedly given the chance to change something. Click here for a short film about a guy who would like to do time traveling.)

Tenemos Que Hablar, on YouTube


Directed by Gustavo García


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