Generación Sin (Generation Without)

Generación Sin


Generación Sin (English: Generation Without) starts off with a guy. He is sending a message to his friend about hanging out. His friend responds that they’re broke, and that perhaps they should both be doing something about that. They linger for a while, and one of them finally decides to get up and get going.

This is a film that utilizes very little dialogue to tell a story. It does, however, show an interesting picture that is not all too uncommon today. This kind of situation is a worldwide phenomenon, especially in a world that’s getting smaller thanks to globalization and outsourcing. However, as it will be shown in the film, the journey of a thousand miles always, always starts with the first step.

Have you ever experienced the difficulties of finding a suitable job? I’ve been blessed to have credentials and a little luck on my side, but I have gone through difficulties to secure a job that would pay my bills. I’d like to say that I’ve learned how to hustle and keep moving forward.

(Generación Sin is available with English subtitles in closed captions on YouTube. Click here for a story about a guy who found a job.  Click here for a documentary about men and women who’ve experienced joblessness, but pushed through nevertheless.)

Generación Sin, on YouTube


Directed by Mario Villalba López & Ángel de la Mata Cabrera


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