No Entiendo ¿Por Qué? (I Wonder, Why?)

No Entiendo ¿Por Qué?


No Entiendo ¿Por Qué? (English: I Wonder, Why?) is mainly about two girls: a bully and her victim. Through a mother’s talk, we’ll learn about the background of both, and the reason why such a relationship exists between the two girls. Will it ever affect their future? Why are there so many people wearing black? What happened to the two of them?

This short film tackles the psychology behind why some people bully others. It also takes a brief look into how it can potentially affect others in the long run. I like how the film says more with the unsaid, how it moves through the characters’ movements and gestures. All in all, this is a simple film that reminds us how damaging bullying can be, and how some bullies may actually feel on the inside.

Honestly, I was always bullied when I was young. Mostly it was because I came from abroad then and couldn’t speak the language of the locals when I was little. I’d like to think that I’ve forgiven all my former bullies by now, though. How about you? Have you ever been bullied in your youth? What are your own experiences about it?

(No Entiendo ¿Por Qué? is available on YouTube with English subtitles in closed captions. Click here for another short film about a bullied girl. Click here for a story of a bullied guy.)

No Entiendo ¿Por Qué?, on YouTube


Directed by Alejandro Vignola


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