Rara Avis (Rare Bird)

Rara Avis

Rara Avis (English: Rare Bird) centers on a woman running in the desert. It seems like an ordinary enough day, until she encounters a man in black. She’ll try to run away, only to find herself transported into a totally different place. Who is the man in black? Why is she trying to run away? What does it all mean? Watch now



Autoestima revolves around a teen girl who lives an ordinary life, although a dark persona follows her wherever she goes. This dark shadow creeps up to her and erodes her self-esteem with observations about her body image, her friendships, and her life in general. One day, she’ll have enough of it, and will just try to fight back. Watch now

Vejado En El Tiempo

Vejado En El Tiempo

Vejado En El Tiempo starts out with a man making out with a woman in the street. He invites her to his place shortly after, and after some time in bed, she expresses her dissatisfaction over his performance. Shortly after, we are brought back to the first scene, where the two were making out in the street, and it progresses up until the woman yet again expresses her dissatisfaction. This continues and repeats until the woman ends up begging him for more. One day, however, he bumps into a special girl, a girl who can do the same thing he can. Watch now

Anochecer (Nightfall)


Anochecer (English: Nightfall) is set in a young man’s bedroom. He’s having a friend sleep over tonight, and they just prepared the extra bed he could sleep on. However, his friend seems to look at him a little too closely, but he doesn’t notice it. They get ready for bed and turn off the light, but his friend just can’t fall sleep. Watch now

El Regalo (The Gift)

El Regalo

El Regalo (English: The Gift) begins with some kids going to class. Today, a girl in a red jacket seems particularly reckless. After not greeting her teacher properly, she is sent to the principal’s office, though with a smile on her face. A boy who seems to look at her a little too closely soon follows suit, and they meet each other by the hallway just before the girl runs away, perhaps in hopes that he will follow. Watch now