Fuera De Lugar (Out Of Place)

Fuera De Lugar

Fuera De Lugar (English: Out Of Place) centers on an old man dropped off by his daughter in a facility for the elderly. A sprightly young woman, who reveals herself as the director’s daughter, immediately takes an interest in him, and they soon develop a very close friendship. But a few things will come up to tear them apart. Will their relationship survive despite it all? Watch now

La Noche Buena

La Noche Buena

La Noche Buena is set in modern-day Cuba, where a couple is making their way past its busy streets. The guy seems rather nervous about meeting his mother’s long-lost friend, but his partner reassures him. And so they meet the Cubans at the restaurant, where they talk of their everyday lives in either English or Spanish, and in the most awkward of ways. And as if the night couldn’t get any more awkward, they end up having a discussion about taking the bus or cab. Watch now

A La Orilla (By The River)

A La Orilla

A La Orilla begins with a young boy’s birthday, and he’s just about to blow out the candles on his cake. He takes a while in doing so, but after being reassured by his sister, he blows them out. We then see him fishing with his father, as they happily talk to each other. Back in the present, however, we see the boy playing with his sister, while their parents have a loud discussion in the background. Watch now



400KM features a man and a woman meeting each other by a car. They’re getting ready for a long road trip, one that will take them 400 km away from the city and to Zaragoza. Through their travels, they’ll get to know a little about each other, while taking in the beauty of the roadside. Notably, this experimental movie was made without a script and with lots of improvisation. Who knows how this story will end? Watch now

Llamada Nocturna (Night Call)

Llamada Nocturna

In Llamada Nocturna, an old man lives alone in his house. He gets occasional calls from Isabel, but other than that, he lives a lonely existence. One night, he gets a call from a stranger, someone who got his number from someone else. He politely tells her that he may not be the one she’s looking for. Instead of putting down the phone, the lady on the other line asks for his name. Watch now