July 8 at Showcase Live: Con Buenas Intenciones

Con Buenas Intenciones


Virginia Romero’s Con Buenas Intenciones was featured in Non-Multiplex Cinema’s Showcase Live event on July 8, 2015 at the Deloitte Auditorium in London, England.


Con Buenas Intenciones (With Good Intentions, in English) is about a family that gets lost in a remote area of Spain. After some time, they decide to stop at a small bar for breakfast, and the locals eye the newcomers suspiciously. As the tourists speak no Spanish and the natives no English, they can only form their own conclusions about each other.
Here’s a trailer of the short film. You may also view it on YouTube or on Vimeo. (You can also check out the film’s website here.)


The short film was part of “Showcase Live”, Non-Multiplex Cinema’s event featuring exclusives, short films, and other film-related things. The showing started at 7:30pm on July 8, 2015, Wednesday. The film was screened at the Deloitte Auditorium in London, England. (Click here for more details, registration, and the address of the venue.)


Non-Multiplex Cinema


Non-Multiplex Cinema is a not-for-profit company that engages with indie filmmakers, especially with their film screenings and film industry events. Showcase Live was on July 8, 2015. For more details on the company, check out their website.


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