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Paseo starts on a cold day. One man, a poet, is preparing a cigarette. Another man comes to him and asks him for one too, but the first man says it’s the last one he has. They share the cigarette instead, and speak little. They then notice the man crying behind them, who says he’s sad as he was never able to confess to a woman. The poet then comes up with a plan that may involve his lighter and a few carefully chosen words. Watch now

Las Piedras No Flotan (Rocks Don’t Float)

Las Piedras No Flotan

Las Piedras No Flotan centers on a man named Pedro. After his girl left him for an Italian swimmer, Pedro is determined to show her just how manly he is – by swimming across the Río de la Plata. His plan may be hindered by the presence of a news crew and the coast guard, but he’ll get her back, even if he knows that rocks don’t float. Watch now



Lucía begins with a girl’s whispered voice telling a story. As she tells her story, we are shown a room with various fixtures. Slowly, as she talks of her life and of Luis, shadowy figures appear on the walls, and the things in the room move as if by their own will. Watch now

El Punto Ciego (The Blind Spot)

El Punto Ciego

El Punto Ciego (English: The Blind Spot) starts off with how there is a part of our vision that is invisible to the eye, hence, the “blind spot”. As a tired man closes the book with this information in mind, another man, a porter, asks him if he’s studying medicine. They carry on a simple conversation, and we are suddenly given another view simultaneously- this time of the porter’s room. They continue talking, and the interesting view of the room continues, until a woman catches the porter’s eye. Curious events then unfold in the split screen. Watch now

En Los Pits

En Los Pits

En Los Pits centers around the racetrack. Today, a group of people is preparing their team’s concept car for the day’s race. However, the official driver is nowhere to be found, and the race is about to start. Pamela, one of the mechanics who worked closely with the prototype, offers to drive the car herself. Will the boss say yes this time? Watch now