A Primera Vista (At First Sight)

A Primera Vista

A Primera Vista (At First Sight, in English) starts off with an old man on a bench. He looks around the area, sees a romantic couple, and is suddenly on the lookout for a potential lady friend. He meets a few women, but one in particular may try to catch his eye.

This short film is just sweet. It has an innocent premise, but what a revealing ending. It can be difficult to find and fall for a potential mate at any given time, but people can still fall in love, no matter what age. Also, how admirable patient love can be.

(240p quality on YouTube, but it has English subtitles as captions. How about this adorable short film about the love story between a Teatro Lambe Lambe puppeteer and a mailman? Or what about this SFW film of a geriatric couple looking over the Kama Sutra?) Watch now