Ministro (Minister)


Ministro (Minister, in English) starts with a man and a birthday gift. It was given by his daughter, who he plans to pick up after school along with his wife. The man seems happy as he puts down the phone, but he is apologetic towards the semi-naked woman in his office. She merely stares at the politician, who then receives an intriguing message. Watch now

El Marqués

El Marqués

El Marqués is a short film about a backpacker on the way to Mexico City. In his travels, he passes through El Marqués, a town in Quéretaro, Mexico. For some reason, he takes up the interest of a random stranger, and is taken places he did not initially expect to find himself in.

This short film is foreboding, right from the very start. (“Reports of murder and kidnapping on the outskirts… have been steadily increasing…”) It also features some kind of criminal activity, and we helplessly look at things unfold in the eyes of a (seemingly) innocent man. Simple story-telling, yet great impact.

(English subtitles are available as closed captions here. Curious about another film featuring a man with a shady lifestyle? Or how about this film involving a weird kind of murder?) Watch now

Presencia (Presence)


Presencia (Presence, in English) starts off with a woman, who may be in danger of a crime. However, a number of other people come in, and more questions than answers will be raised in the course of the night. Who wants to kill who? Who is the guy in the hoodie? What actually happened that night?

This actually is one film that keeps you guessing, and the actual answer for everything does not seem to be clear. Still, suspenseful in its own right, and definitely curious.

(This is available with English subtitles on Vimeo. This short film is by the same director, and also tackles a crime. Or what about this other film about a man stalking a woman?) Watch now

Inspiración (Inspiration)


Inspiración (Inspiration, in English) is about a writer working on his next book. He can’t quite get over his writer’s block, so he accepts the offer of his prostitute friend to get some inspiration for his work. The author thus meets a seemingly shady man, who promises to help him out. He’ll find out what he has to do for “inspiration”, and he’ll see if it’s worth the cost he paid. Watch now