El Punto Ciego (The Blind Spot)

El Punto Ciego

El Punto Ciego (English: The Blind Spot) starts off with how there is a part of our vision that is invisible to the eye, hence, the “blind spot”. As a tired man closes the book with this information in mind, another man, a porter, asks him if he’s studying medicine. They carry on a simple conversation, and we are suddenly given another view simultaneously- this time of the porter’s room. They continue talking, and the interesting view of the room continues, until a woman catches the porter’s eye. Curious events then unfold in the split screen. Watch now

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negro

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre begins in a rather gloomy-looking house by the sea, where a girl seems to be fishing. Amidst the dark atmosphere in the house, a pregnant woman is assisted by another woman in black. After some wailing, blood is shed, screams are heard, and entrails are found trailing on the floor. Watch now

La Mano De La Muerte (Hand of Death)

La Mano De La Muerte

La Mano De La Muerte (Hand of Death, in English) is about a man who seems to be running from a death-like character. As he moves about, he encounters a number of scenes that he may just be familiar with. With the play of light, symbols, and a woman’s presence, the man realizes that he has not escaped something he had hoped to leave behind. Watch now