No Mires Ahí (Don’t Look There)

No Mires Ahi

No Mires Ahí (Don’t Look There, in English) starts with Irene, a little girl who loves and worries about her sick father. After some time, Marta, her sister, comes home to hear bad news: that her father has passed on. While talking to her mother about how Irene does not seem to be coping well with the loss, Marta starts to see visions in her bedroom. Watch now

Los Ojos Cerrados (Eyes Closed)

Los Ojos Cerrados

Los Ojos Cerrados (Eyes Closed, in English) is a film about Iris, a girl with multiple sclerosis. She is left all alone, since both her mother and her sister died. One day, she is unable to get up, and asks for help from a girl passing by. Little does she know that she is about to get three wishes from this stranger. Watch now

Desire on a Fall Afternoon

Desire on a Fall Afternoon

Desire on a Fall Afternoon is set on a dreary afternoon. A girl arrives at the apartment, where she meets the mom of the boy she’ll be baby-sitting for the day. She’s led to meet the paralyzed guy in the wheelchair, and is left to look after him. Meaningful glances are exchanged, and an aching desire may just be acted upon. Watch now