Sangre De Unicornio (Unicorn Blood)

Unicorn Blood

Sangre De Unicornio (English: Unicorn Blood) is a curious animated film that starts with two unicorns. They talk about how important unicorns are to the world. Meanwhile, two teddy bears go off hunting for the best game. After all, unicorns have such soft flesh and the most delicious blueberry-flavored blood. Watch now

Soy Tan Feliz (I’m So Happy)

Soy Tan Feliz

Soy Tan Feliz (English: I’m  So Happy) is the story of Fran, a woman who is struggling to finish her internship while taking care of her old mother. One day, she reluctantly meets with her brother, who has been trying several times before to reach her. He then asks her to consider what they should do if ever their mom’s operation goes wrong. Watch now

Un Juego Absurdo

Un Juego Absurdo

Un Juego Absurdo starts with a guy talking about distances and desires. After all, he seems to have taken a liking to a pretty girl in the party. He goes over his thoughts with an occasional word towards the audience, and constantly wonders whether or not he should do anything to get the girl. Will he win in the end? Watch now

La Culpa (Guilt)

La Culpa

La Culpa (Guilt, in English) starts off with a man getting happy news: his wife just told him that she’s pregnant. As he joyously spreads the news to his friend on the phone, a man with his wife’s purse runs past him. He hurries to his wife, who was by then lying dead on the ground. Grief-stricken, he plans revenge on the murderer. Watch now