Amor Crudo (Raw Love)

Amor Crudo

Amor Crudo (English: Raw Love) is about two guys who are the best of friends. They play soccer with their buddies regularly, they joke about girls, they have regular sleepovers, and they do almost everything together. Their relationship is placed in focus, especially since it’s only a few weeks until the school year ends. What will happen between the two of them? Will they still have the same relationship afterwards? Watch now

Sentir, No Decir (Feel, Not To Say)

Sentir No Decir

Sentir, No Decir (Feel, Not To Say, in English) is a short film about the conversation between two old friends. The director and the actress are both busy, so they only have time for a quick, friendly chat between takes. More interesting than the conversation itself are the words seemingly left unsaid. The lady puts it well when she notes that there are times when you’re saying volumes, but not saying anything at all. Watch now

Yo También Te Quiero (I Like You Too)

Yo También Te Quiero

Yo También Te Quiero (I Like You Too, in English) features a guy talking about how he waits for his friend to be his girlfriend. He’s always there for her, he’s always helping her… but he’s never really in a romantic relationship with her. The pains of being in this friendzone is given glorious detail, and is peppered only by a building frustration- and topped off with a dog. Watch now