Llamada Nocturna (Night Call)

Llamada Nocturna

In Llamada Nocturna, an old man lives alone in his house. He gets occasional calls from Isabel, but other than that, he lives a lonely existence. One night, he gets a call from a stranger, someone who got his number from someone else. He politely tells her that he may not be the one she’s looking for. Instead of putting down the phone, the lady on the other line asks for his name. Watch now

El Ladrón De Caras

El Ladron De Caras

El Ladrón De Caras starts with a lady bringing a special file to a private investigator. The detective looks over the photos, and sees how the faces of people were missing in them. The woman then shows the man how she, too, was attacked, and how she could just be the next victim. The man decides to take her under his wing and put a stop to it all. Watch now

Soy Tan Feliz (I’m So Happy)

Soy Tan Feliz

Soy Tan Feliz (English: I’m  So Happy) is the story of Fran, a woman who is struggling to finish her internship while taking care of her old mother. One day, she reluctantly meets with her brother, who has been trying several times before to reach her. He then asks her to consider what they should do if ever their mom’s operation goes wrong. Watch now

Jugando Con La Muerte (Playing With Death)

Jugando Con La Muerte

Jugando Con La Muerte (English: Playing With Death) begins with a rather eerie starts: a man dies while jogging at night. A name is crossed off a long list, and Eusebio Martín seems to be next. Meanwhile, an old man lives with his family, and is made to rest early on account of his cough. He’ll get an unexpected visitor in the night, and it is then that he starts to play with Death. Watch now