La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris

La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris

La Mujer Del Hatillo Gris is a story about a woman traveling to the prison at Ocaña. It’s a long journey, and she brought nothing but a grey bundle with her; she does not even have anything to eat. She trudges on, meeting person after person, and only the thought of her husband keeps her going on. Oh, and that a prisoner will be released tomorrow. Watch now

Juan Con Miedo (Fearful John)

Juan Con Miedo

Juan Con Miedo (Fearful John, in English) is about a boy meeting a curious girl, who tells him about a creepy legend involving a scarecrow. That they enter the old haunted house (while relating the story) in order to escape a seemingly scarier fate just adds to the chills that this tale gives. Whether or not Juan/John will match up to his namesake from the Grimm Brothers’ stories is something we’ll have to see. Watch now

El Orden De Las Cosas (The Order of Things)

El Orden De Las Cosas

El Orden De Las Cosas (The Order of Things, in English) starts with a man talking to a woman in a tub. It seems like an innocent conversation, but then a number of odd things crop up. Why is the woman always in water? Why can’t the man find his belt? What do all those marks mean? Watch now