Las Piedras No Flotan (Rocks Don’t Float)

Las Piedras No Flotan

Las Piedras No Flotan centers on a man named Pedro. After his girl left him for an Italian swimmer, Pedro is determined to show her just how manly he is – by swimming across the Río de la Plata. His plan may be hindered by the presence of a news crew and the coast guard, but he’ll get her back, even if he knows that rocks don’t float. Watch now

La Migala (The Bird Spider)

La Migala

La Migala (The Bird Spider, in English) presents a rather unusual drama, one about a man who decides to forget that he lost his ladylove by letting his worst fear run amok in his apartment. Of course, he doesn’t choose just any spider to distract him from his thoughts; he chooses a poisonous tarantula whose bite can possibly kill him at any time. Watch now