Desconexión centers around how people are relying more and more heavily on phones for communication. In particular, a man pressed for time is making seemingly important phone calls to a certain Ariel Maldonado. He takes a cab and hurries home, but soon realizes that he left his phone in the taxi. Meanwhile, a man finds a cellphone in a cab, and wonders what to do with it. Continue Reading

Soy Tan Feliz (I’m So Happy)

Soy Tan Feliz

Soy Tan Feliz (English: I’m  So Happy) is the story of Fran, a woman who is struggling to finish her internship while taking care of her old mother. One day, she reluctantly meets with her brother, who has been trying several times before to reach her. He then asks her to consider what they should do if ever their mom’s operation goes wrong. Continue Reading

El Último Canto Del Pájaro Cú (The Cu Bird’s Last Song)

El Último Canto Del Pájaro Cú

El Último Canto Del Pájaro Cú (English: The Cu Bird’s Last Song) begins with a guy in a hospital bed. He can’t fall asleep, although his roommates ask him to do so. So, he does the next best thing, and that is to look back at his memories. As he reminisces them, steady beeps and sounds accompany his glimpses of the past. Continue Reading