Anochecer (Nightfall)


Anochecer (English: Nightfall) is set in a young man’s bedroom. He’s having a friend sleep over tonight, and they just prepared the extra bed he could sleep on. However, his friend seems to look at him a little too closely, but he doesn’t notice it. They get ready for bed and turn off the light, but his friend just can’t fall sleep. Watch now

El Regalo (The Gift)

El Regalo

El Regalo (English: The Gift) begins with some kids going to class. Today, a girl in a red jacket seems particularly reckless. After not greeting her teacher properly, she is sent to the principal’s office, though with a smile on her face. A boy who seems to look at her a little too closely soon follows suit, and they meet each other by the hallway just before the girl runs away, perhaps in hopes that he will follow. Watch now

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Parking Lot starts with a woman recognizing someone in the parking lot. She calls out to the man, calling him Santiago. Just as she asks him how he’s been, he tells her that she has mistaken him for someone else. He then turns from her, but she insists on a conversation with the man, as he reminds her of an ex-boyfriend she once loved. Watch now



Sonata begins with a young child, brought into a world filled with people of different intent and desires. He grows up learning that man is driven by sexual desire in particular, and not endearing sentiments. With this in mind, he finds a woman, marries her, falls into the monotony of marriage, and notices her relationship with the man she’s practicing a sonata with. Watch now

Las Piedras No Flotan (Rocks Don’t Float)

Las Piedras No Flotan

Las Piedras No Flotan centers on a man named Pedro. After his girl left him for an Italian swimmer, Pedro is determined to show her just how manly he is – by swimming across the Río de la Plata. His plan may be hindered by the presence of a news crew and the coast guard, but he’ll get her back, even if he knows that rocks don’t float. Watch now