No Me Ama (She Doesn’t Love Me)

No Me Ama

No Me Ama (She Doesn’t Love Me, in English) is about a couple traveling through Uruguay. Besides a beautiful backdrop of scenery, this film features an interesting monologue about a guy and his feelings for the girl he is backpacking with. He longs to hear words she hasn’t told him, but is it about the words left unsaid, or the expression of love through little gestures?

This short is the kind of film for people who think that actually saying the words “I love you” is an important step in any relationship. It is also for those who like to think too much about what other people say or do, and for those who love noticing little details about the person they’ve come to like. Overall though, this one’s a pretty cute film.

(This one’s available with English subtitles, plus it’s on both Vimeo and YouTube. Interested in traveling? Maybe this film about the eternal traveler syndrome is just for you. Or how about this short film featuring an untalkative couple?) Watch now