Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging)

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging, in English) starts off with a funeral. There are a few murmurs, some tears, and hushed tones. A man, the brother of the deceased, goes toward a lonely figure staring by the window. He then quite angrily asks the guy about a recent photo he posted on Facebook, the one where his brother was tagged in. Watch now



The short film Bukkake is a quick look into the agony of a man who just wants to try something new with his girl – bukkake, as a matter of fact. He agonizes mostly about how he is going to ask her – tell her? command her? – to try it out with him, so he’s practicing different ways of approaching it. Which line will work? Watch now

La Corona De Sofía (Sofía’s Crown)

La Corona de Sofía

La Corona de Sofía (Sofía’s Crown, in English) is a tale of a 21st century girl born to a monarchy. As many fairytales go, she is blessed as a baby with wishes by three fairies. She then goes about life, doing and experiencing many things. One day though, one of the fairies’ wishes comes true, and it may just change her life forever. Watch now