Sinécdoque (Synecdoche)


Sinécdoque (Synecdoche, in English) is about the life of a girl. She has Polaroid photos from when she was 3 years old, and as she grows up, the number of pictures she takes also adds up. With each photo, a piece of her life is shown, and every one unveils a piece of her emotional coming-of-age story. Watch now

Dios Sólo Mira (God Only Watches)

Dios Sólo Mira

Dios Sólo Mira (God Only Watches, in English) is really quite controversial. This fictional short film is about a photojournalist taking a certain kind of photo at the midst of Haiti’s disastrous earthquake in 2010. This picture stirred a moral debate in his society, since it was an image of a man right before he committed suicide. While the journalist is asked and accused by plenty of people, he also finds odd photos sent to him by no one in particular. Watch now