Pasamontañas (Balaclava)


Pasamontañas (English: Balaclava) centers around Rocío, a young girl who enjoys playing with the girl next door and with her uncle. One night, her uncle drops by her house in a hurry to leave, but not before giving Rocío a teddy bear and his balaclava. In the succeeding days, the young girl starts playing new games with her new toys. Continue Reading



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Paseo starts on a cold day. One man, a poet, is preparing a cigarette. Another man comes to him and asks him for one too, but the first man says it’s the last one he has. They share the cigarette instead, and speak little. They then notice the man crying behind them, who says he’s sad as he was never able to confess to a woman. The poet then comes up with a plan that may involve his lighter and a few carefully chosen words. Continue Reading

Sufragio Emocional

Sufragio Emocional

Sufragio Emocional is set in a precinct where people come to cast their votes. Many people have voted already, but one man in particular is having a hard time putting his ballot in the box. While fitting Spain’s 1978 Constitution in the ballot box is indeed part of his right as a voter, he’s holding up the line by taking too long. Will he ever be able to cast his vote? Continue Reading

La Tumba (The Tomb)

La Tumba

La Tumba (English: The Tomb) begins with a man in a clean, white jail. A few men come to visit him, asking him why he’s going on a hunger strike when he’s given food everyday. The man does not reply, so they tie him up and cover his eyes. Meanwhile, in another part of the facility, a man in a cell listens as a new inmate is brought in. Continue Reading

Ministro (Minister)


Ministro (Minister, in English) starts with a man and a birthday gift. It was given by his daughter, who he plans to pick up after school along with his wife. The man seems happy as he puts down the phone, but he is apologetic towards the semi-naked woman in his office. She merely stares at the politician, who then receives an intriguing message. Continue Reading