Hiyab begins with Fátima’s first day in school. Already, her hijab is being called into question, and she is asked to remove it by the director, as it is allegedly against the school’s dress code. The girl staunchly refuses to on account of her religion and personal choice, but the director insists with authority that it is not allowed. What will Fátima do? Watch now

La Boca Del León (The Lion’s Mouth)

La Boca Del Leon

La Boca Del León (The Lion’s Mouth, in English) is about a desperate man who messed around with the dark arts. However, something seemed to go wrong with his rituals, and he calls up a priest for guidance. The priest, seeing that the man might just be possessed by an evil spirit, then tries to perform an exorcism via smart phone. Whether or not he succeeds is something we’ll have to find out from the found video footage. Watch now

Jesusito De Mi Vida (Dear Child Jesus)

Jesusito De Mi Vida

Jesusito De Mi Vida (Dear Child Jesus, in English) is about Jesus, a young boy praying to God. His mother tucks him in after he says his prayers. She then tells him that if he prays with his heart, God will grant him anything he needs. After a glass of water and some shut eye, the little boy gets up to go to the bathroom, only to see a dark, scary hallway. Watch now