Me Siento Culpable (I Feel Guilty)

Me Siento Culpable

Me Siento Culpable is a short film with many titles. It is also known as Errudun Sentitzen Naiz, Ich Fühle Mich Schuldig, and, in English, I Feel Guilty. While its dialogue is mostly in Spanish, this short film also features some talk in Basque and German, too. I guess no matter how many languages you use, there is only one feeling you can really have over private relations with someone you shouldn’t have relations with: guilt.

The story here is told in a nonlinear fashion, so don’t be surprised if the scenes tend to jump a bit. There is also some sexual content here, so please be advised that this is quite NSFW. Still, what a drama-filled ending.

(Although many languages are present here, there are still English subtitles available for this. Fancy another film with different languages, this time Latin? Or how about another movie featuring guilt?) Watch now