Sonata begins with a young child, brought into a world filled with people of different intent and desires. He grows up learning that man is driven by sexual desire in particular, and not endearing sentiments. With this in mind, he finds a woman, marries her, falls into the monotony of marriage, and notices her relationship with the man she’s practicing a sonata with. Watch now

El Ladrón De Caras

El Ladron De Caras

El Ladrón De Caras starts with a lady bringing a special file to a private investigator. The detective looks over the photos, and sees how the faces of people were missing in them. The woman then shows the man how she, too, was attacked, and how she could just be the next victim. The man decides to take her under his wing and put a stop to it all. Watch now

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negro

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre begins in a rather gloomy-looking house by the sea, where a girl seems to be fishing. Amidst the dark atmosphere in the house, a pregnant woman is assisted by another woman in black. After some wailing, blood is shed, screams are heard, and entrails are found trailing on the floor. Watch now