Amor Crudo (Raw Love)

Amor Crudo

Amor Crudo (English: Raw Love) is about two guys who are the best of friends. They play soccer with their buddies regularly, they joke about girls, they have regular sleepovers, and they do almost everything together. Their relationship is placed in focus, especially since it’s only a few weeks until the school year ends. What will happen between the two of them? Will they still have the same relationship afterwards? Watch now

El Reloj (The Watch)

El Reloj

El Reloj (The Watch, in English) is about two teenage boys who are waiting at a bus stop. They talk a bit, and find that they know each other from that one double date with their respective girlfriends. They end up taking the same cab home, and one of them invites the other to his house. The other agrees. Watch now

Los Ojos Cerrados (Eyes Closed)

Los Ojos Cerrados

Los Ojos Cerrados (Eyes Closed, in English) is a film about Iris, a girl with multiple sclerosis. She is left all alone, since both her mother and her sister died. One day, she is unable to get up, and asks for help from a girl passing by. Little does she know that she is about to get three wishes from this stranger. Watch now

La Princesa Alegría (The Princess Happiness)

La Princesa Alegria

La Princesa Alegría (The Princess Happiness, in English) is about a girl telling the story of Princesa Alegria/Princess Happiness, a princess so happy that whoever she talks to becomes filled with complete joy. She tells the story with drawings and paintings, and a boy, a king, and a woman soon become involved in the tale. The story is told in a mix of animation and reality, and what exactly is real may not be as important as what someone, in their deepest of hearts, believes is true. Watch now