Enredados is a short film about a video game geek who sets up his place for a date with a girl he met online. His quiet introverted self is only magnified by his guest, a vocal young lady with a curious past and an even curiouser forwardness. What was dreamed as a pleasurable evening does not exactly come to terms, and where the two of them may end up in is anyone’s guess.

This is a silly film. It shows the pitfalls and potentials dangers of online dating. It also makes you wary about bringing that new girl (who may or may not be into BDSM) into your apartment for the first time. Proceed with caution, kids.

(Besides English subtitles, this one has Spanish subtitles available also in closed captions. By the way, maybe you’ll also enjoy this short film of a lady having dinner at home with her ideal man. Or how about this film about a couple in an awkward one night stand?) Watch now