Pasamontañas (Balaclava)


Pasamontañas (English: Balaclava) centers around Rocío, a young girl who enjoys playing with the girl next door and with her uncle. One night, her uncle drops by her house in a hurry to leave, but not before giving Rocío a teddy bear and his balaclava. In the succeeding days, the young girl starts playing new games with her new toys. Continue Reading

El Regalo (The Gift)

El Regalo

El Regalo (English: The Gift) begins with some kids going to class. Today, a girl in a red jacket seems particularly reckless. After not greeting her teacher properly, she is sent to the principal’s office, though with a smile on her face. A boy who seems to look at her a little too closely soon follows suit, and they meet each other by the hallway just before the girl runs away, perhaps in hopes that he will follow. Continue Reading

Elefantes Sobre Una Telaraña (Elephants Over A Spider Web)

Elefantes Sobre Una Telarana

Elefantes Sobre Una Telaraña (English: Elephants Over A Spider Web) begins with a man’s birthday. He’s just about to blow out his candles, when his little daughter asks whether she can blow them out for him. After doing so, she runs off to get her dad’s present, a letter she wrote for him for being the best daddy in the world. There seems to be something amiss, though. Why does he look at her that way? Is there something going on that we don’t see? Continue Reading

A La Orilla (By The River)

A La Orilla

A La Orilla begins with a young boy’s birthday, and he’s just about to blow out the candles on his cake. He takes a while in doing so, but after being reassured by his sister, he blows them out. We then see him fishing with his father, as they happily talk to each other. Back in the present, however, we see the boy playing with his sister, while their parents have a loud discussion in the background. Continue Reading