Ante La Araña (In Front Of The Spider)

Ante La Araña

Ante La Araña (English: In Front Of The Spider) begins with a woman named Caterina. She’s just about to start writing, when something catches her attention on the ceiling above. After taking care of it hesitatingly, she hears the summon of a bell. She brings the tray to the old woman in bed, to whom she relates that she just killed a spider. The old woman laughs, and reminds her of how she herself locked her daughter with a plastic spider whenever she was naughty. Continue Reading

Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina starts with a man preparing for dinner, as a news report on the radio tells of a murder story. When everything is ready, he calls Tin and Tina to come to eat. The two children sit down, but don’t touch the puree on their plates. Just as their father angrily tells them to eat up, he starts trashing about, and falls to the ground. Continue Reading

Yo Antes Era Bella (I Used To Be Beautiful)

Yo Antes Era Bella

Yo Antes Era Bella (I Used To Be Beautiful, in English) is about an old woman talking about her younger days. She talks especially of how everyone thought of her as beautiful, and how she acted in response: from loves, to (non)friendships, to drama. She looks back, and wonders about what she sees. Continue Reading

Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog)

Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog, in English) is a curious short film. It has no coherent plot, even though it mentions scenes that happened at around “three in the morning” or “sixteen years ago”. It features surrealist elements, and has plenty of conversation-starting situations: a hand with ants crawling out of it, a moth with the symbol of a dead head, and, of course, a razor slitting a live woman’s eyeball. Continue Reading