Equis o Corazón

Equis o Corazon

Equis o Corazón begins with a man asking the woman he’s dating about whether or not she still uses Tinder. She answers yes to this, and he starts interrogating her about how she’s using social networks to possibly meet other men. Continue Reading



Alexia starts with a man looking over a girl’s Facebook. It’s her birthday today, but he’s seeing messages of people saying they miss her. A little later, his girlfriend pops up in chat, and asks how he’s doing. She then tells him to stop looking at his ex’s page, and tells him that whatever happened was not his fault. Is he guilty, though? Continue Reading

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging)

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging, in English) starts off with a funeral. There are a few murmurs, some tears, and hushed tones. A man, the brother of the deceased, goes toward a lonely figure staring by the window. He then quite angrily asks the guy about a recent photo he posted on Facebook, the one where his brother was tagged in. Continue Reading