El Color Rojo

El Color Rojo

El Color Rojo begins with Gabriela, who has been noticing how Sara, one of her classmates, seems to be favoring the color red lately. While her friends laugh on, Gaby watches as Sara sorts out the red candies in a pack. What could she be doing? Continue Reading

Equis o Corazón

Equis o Corazon

Equis o Corazón begins with a man asking the woman he’s dating about whether or not she still uses Tinder. She answers yes to this, and he starts interrogating her about how she’s using social networks to possibly meet other men. Continue Reading

Los Amores Contrapuestos

Los Amores Contrapuestos

Los Amores Contrapuestos centers around Eva and Miriam, two young girls who are in love with each other. Everything seems to be going great between them, except for the fact that Eva’s mother seems averse to the idea that her daughter is spending too much time with Miriam, when she could be looking for a boyfriend instead. Will Eva ever be able to tell her mother who she chooses to love? Continue Reading

El Columpio (The Merry Go Round)

El Columpio

In El Columpio (English: The Merry Go Round), a man and a woman are waiting for the train in a deserted station. Through their thoughts, we find out that they seem interested in one another, despite being complete strangers. They try to show their intent, but their signals seem to be misread. Will they ever be able to share their feelings for one another? Continue Reading

Rara Avis (Rare Bird)

Rara Avis

Rara Avis (English: Rare Bird) centers on a woman running in the desert. It seems like an ordinary enough day, until she encounters a man in black. She’ll try to run away, only to find herself transported into a totally different place. Who is the man in black? Why is she trying to run away? What does it all mean? Continue Reading