Vale is about an English-speaking girl meeting a group of Spanish-speaking friends. One of the guys, Víctor, has taken a liking to her, but, unfortunately, he doesn’t speak a lot of English. Amidst sips of beer, traveling around, and generally having a good time with his friends and the new girl, Víctor struggles to communicate with her despite the language barrier. Will he succeed in making that connection? Continue Reading

Amor Crudo (Raw Love)

Amor Crudo

Amor Crudo (English: Raw Love) is about two guys who are the best of friends. They play soccer with their buddies regularly, they joke about girls, they have regular sleepovers, and they do almost everything together. Their relationship is placed in focus, especially since it’s only a few weeks until the school year ends. What will happen between the two of them? Will they still have the same relationship afterwards? Continue Reading

Mi Amigo Invisible (My Invisible Friend)

Mi Amigo Invisible

Mi Amigo Invisible (English: My Invisible Friend) is about Tomas, a very shy guy. He spends a lot of time not speaking to anyone in general, and living his routine life. One day, while his parents are away, he suddenly encounters Andy, his so-called “invisible friend”. This “friend” proves to be a reliable one that never quite leaves his side. How will Tomas deal with it? Continue Reading

La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso

La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso

La Amistad Es Algo Maravilloso starts off with a pair of friends hunting deer in a forest. It seems like an ordinary excursion, until one of them ends up stepping on a possibly deadly mine. The two will try to remain calm (maybe it’s an old, nonfunctional mine?), but maybe a secret or two may also spill out between the two men. Continue Reading

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging)

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging, in English) starts off with a funeral. There are a few murmurs, some tears, and hushed tones. A man, the brother of the deceased, goes toward a lonely figure staring by the window. He then quite angrily asks the guy about a recent photo he posted on Facebook, the one where his brother was tagged in. Continue Reading