Los Amores Contrapuestos

Los Amores Contrapuestos

Los Amores Contrapuestos centers around Eva and Miriam, two young girls who are in love with each other. Everything seems to be going great between them, except for the fact that Eva’s mother seems averse to the idea that her daughter is spending too much time with Miriam, when she could be looking for a boyfriend instead. Will Eva ever be able to tell her mother who she chooses to love? Continue Reading

Soy Tan Feliz (I’m So Happy)

Soy Tan Feliz

Soy Tan Feliz (English: I’m  So Happy) is the story of Fran, a woman who is struggling to finish her internship while taking care of her old mother. One day, she reluctantly meets with her brother, who has been trying several times before to reach her. He then asks her to consider what they should do if ever their mom’s operation goes wrong. Continue Reading

Cenizas (Ashes)


Cenizas (Ashes, in English) is a moving story about a girl who’s carrying a pot of ashes. She journeys alone for some time, and ends up in a room near the beach. After lighting a cigarette, she pauses to think about what she must do next. Her mother then appears to talk to her. Continue Reading