El Pasajero (The Passenger)

El Pasajero


El Pasajero (“The Passenger” in English) is a short film about a taxi cab driver and his passenger, simply put. It starts off with the driver picking up a man on streets, but then it suddenly involves a gun, drinking, and salsa dancing. There are also some conversations happening along the way, and a budding friendship is set to bloom here, too.

This short film was actually eligible for an Academy Award in 2010. It can get a little crazy here and there (desperate men and their desperate measures, I suppose), but it is definitely touching. Salsa dancing also never looked more fun.

(The film can be viewed with or without English subtitles, so take your pick. Here’s another film featuring friendship between a wolf and sheep. Or how about this other film about another cab driver?)


El Pasajero (no subtitles), on Youtube


El Pasajero (with English subtitles), on Youtube

Directed by Andrés Faucher

Producers’ website



El Pasajero is a Spanish-language short film about a taxi cab driver and his passenger. With English subtitles.


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  1. Hi Camille,
    I would like t obtain the screenplay in Spanish for these Spanish language films with English subtitles. I am seriously in the market for the screenplay in Spanish as I am a reader.. I am trying to train my ears to the tempo of the language. I’m very slow to understand but know the words.
    Thanks Don
    [email protected]

  2. Una película fantastica, El Pasajero!!
    To achieve so much depth, emotion, meaning and power in 38 minutes !!
    Thank you so much !!

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