Sangre De Unicornio (Unicorn Blood)

Unicorn Blood

Sangre De Unicornio (English: Unicorn Blood) is a curious animated film that starts with two unicorns. They talk about how important unicorns are to the world. Meanwhile, two teddy bears go off hunting for the best game. After all, unicorns have such soft flesh and the most delicious blueberry-flavored blood. Continue Reading



Paramorfosis starts with a young man. He seems to be dreaming about something… But he goes about his day anyway. Everything seems normal enough – the school, the students, his friends. However, something odd happens when he gets to the library. What happened to that other girl at the counter? Where’d his book go? What’s happening? Continue Reading

Ministro (Minister)


Ministro (Minister, in English) starts with a man and a birthday gift. It was given by his daughter, who he plans to pick up after school along with his wife. The man seems happy as he puts down the phone, but he is apologetic towards the semi-naked woman in his office. She merely stares at the politician, who then receives an intriguing message. Continue Reading

F4M1L14 (F4M1LY)


F4M1L14 (F4M1LY, in English) is an award-winning short film about a scientist who seems to have discovered something important and potentially life-changing for the human race. Of course, at the back of his mind, he believes that he is working hard because of its possible benefit to his family, but the course of events may just change everything – affecting even those he holds dearly. Continue Reading

El Marqués

El Marqués

El Marqués is a short film about a backpacker on the way to Mexico City. In his travels, he passes through El Marqués, a town in Quéretaro, Mexico. For some reason, he takes up the interest of a random stranger, and is taken places he did not initially expect to find himself in.

This short film is foreboding, right from the very start. (“Reports of murder and kidnapping on the outskirts… have been steadily increasing…”) It also features some kind of criminal activity, and we helplessly look at things unfold in the eyes of a (seemingly) innocent man. Simple story-telling, yet great impact.

(English subtitles are available as closed captions here. Curious about another film featuring a man with a shady lifestyle? Or how about this film involving a weird kind of murder?) Continue Reading