Generación Sin (Generation Without)

Generación Sin

Generación Sin (English: Generation Without) starts off with a guy. He is sending a message to his friend about hanging out. His friend responds that they’re broke, and that perhaps they should both be doing something about that. They linger for a while, and one of them finally decides to get up and get going. Continue Reading

Al Compás (To the Beat)

Al Compás

Al Compás (To the Beat, in English) presents a rather interesting scenario. There’s a man in an office, and he has with him a few papers. He looks over each one, just like a conductor, and arranges the sheets for his convenience. With the stage set, he starts the metronome. Music plays, the door opens, and the actors come in one by one. Continue Reading

Recursos Humanos

Recursos Humanos

This short film is about a man from human resources who is to interview a new face. While this situation may show the discomfort some applicants may feel when questioned by an HR personnel (particularly an inappropriate one), this also gives a hint of vindication for them, too.

Lovely film deserving of a slow clap. If you’re interested in knowing more about this short film, here’s a video on how it was made.

(This one’s available with English subtitles. By the way, here is a film by the same director, and it’s one that also features an HR-related role, though more on the termination process. Here’s another film with another interviewee, too.) Continue Reading