About Freespanishshortfilms.com

This site actually started out as a simple list on another blog. I then made regular updates at an old blogspot blog, and finally parked the site on the Freespanishshortfilms.com domain.

The list stemmed from my wish to note all the Spanish-language short films I had so far watched as a complement to my studies in learning the Spanish language. I’m still in the process of learning, and thankfully, a lot of Spanish-speaking directors keep coming up with great new short films, even today. Thus, I strive to keep this site updated with films I continue to enjoy and learn from.

At current, I attempt to list down free Spanish-language short films* (especially those with English subtitles) that can found on the Internet. They may include movies from Spain, ArgentinaColombia, Mexico, Uruguay, and other Spanish-speaking areas.

Indie, classic, thriller, musical, you name it- I’ll try to have it here. I have to admit though, horror’s not my favorite thing to watch, but you’d be able to find some picks of the genre every now and then. I’ve also got some NSFW and sexy things here, but I try not to delve into more controversial genres if I can help it.

My current posting schedule is set at two times a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Occasional posts may happen on odd days, especially on Thursdays (though I never could get the hang of those days).

As of September 2019: I currently update this site bi-monthly, so expect updates more or less every other week.

While my preference would be for those with subtitles, I’ll still list whatever I can find – like those without dialogue, too.

If you’d like to suggest a short film for this site, you’re more than welcome to do so. You can use the form to submit a film,  or reach me by sending me an email or by using the contact form. Thanks!

PS: If you think I’ve added wrong information about a movie, like wrongly crediting someone/something, I’d appreciate it greatly if you’d let me know.
*The Oscars notes that a short film is defined as an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, inclusive of credits. (Source)

About the Author

Hi! I’m Camille. I read books, watch movies (short films and otherwise), enjoy sunsets, talk about random (mostly geeky) things, and basically have fun while riding the wave of this game called Life. I write about most of these on my personal blog, although sometimes I write short stories about them instead.

By the way, you can check out some of my personal favorite Spanish-language short films with author’s picks.